Friday, December 2, 2016



 So, by now I'm sure everyone has heard about the biggest shock in wrestling since 21-1, Goldberg beating Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series in under 2 minutes. The IWC has been on FIRE lately with debates between smarks, pundits, and nostalgic fans. A lot of people are absolutely ecstatic about Goldie returning in grand fashion, where others are stewing about the beast being conquered. Let's discuss this. I personally think that from a wrestling standpoint, it adds an intriguing chapter to a tale that has been told in sports entertainment since it's inception. I totally agree with Brock losing, I wish the match had been longer, but you win some, you lose some. Let me elaborate on why I think this helps wrestling as opposed to hurting the business.


  A lot us have lost the sense of "fantasy" when it comes to fantasy warfare. You have people over-analyzing the situation, "Oh, Goldberg is old, etc. Think about the character Goldberg. An unstoppable force who ran over everything in his path. (Short of the beard physically he's almost exactly like he was 12 years ago. Keep the thought in mind that for wrestling, physically Goldie's still young and has avoided most of the wear and tear other wrestlers have dealt with with his sabbaticals). Was he supposed to come back and be Gillberg? Just the arrival of Goldberg in dominant fashion opens up a myriad of possible dream matches. Tell me wheels aren't turning in all of our heads as to what story-lines have the potential been created leading up to Wrestle-Mania, especially with Goldberg entering the Royal Rumble.

        Let's also talk about the residents of Suplex City who are ready to have a riot over their Mayor's defeat. Yes, we know that Brock was the former UFC Champion, etc. But think about this, going back to a storyline standpoint. Every wrestler has had that one rival who they just couldn't seem to beat. Hogan had Piper, Luger and Dusty had Flair. Sting had Rude, Bret had Perfect, Shawn had Bret, Taker had Shawn (and now Brock), HHH had Taker, Austin had HHH, Rock had Austin. Brock's Achilles heel is Goldberg. What has also eventually happened in most cases is the wrestler getting over on said rival and it being a legendary moment. I'm imagining that eventually Brock gets the                                                                                      
last laugh on Goldberg.

         Finally, I'm going to touch on the fact that Brock was crushed in 2 minutes. People are pissed off and feel like this destroyed the reputation of the beast that has been built up these last 3 years. I disagree, and here's why. Most fights are lost by the overconfident person and Brock in storyline made the mistake of believing his own hype. It's like when the Chicago Bulls went 72-10, during that season one of the teams who handed them a heavy loss was the unseeded Denver Nuggets. Brock in sense forgot who Goldberg was because of his dominance these last few years and expected a cake walk. This will add depth to the Brock character, because after being humiliated he needs to regain his focus, and who better to wake him up than the one who beat the one? Paul Heyman can literally talk a stripe off of a zebra, so this story can be golden if pulled off correctly, with Heyman emphasizing how this loss has created a rabid beast focused only on revenge, even have him come out with an "EAT, SLEEP, CONQUER Goldberg" shirt.

         So folks, this is one of those times where I implore you to trust in the magic of sports entertainment. I see great potential for memorable moments on the horizon!

John Thomas Austin is a journalist/editor for The Wrestling Lariat. In Affiliation with the Triple Crown Network

Sunday, August 21, 2016

WGR's NXT Takeover Brooklyn II Postshow Podcast

In this episode of Wrestling Goons Radio, the Goons are recapping everything that went down at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II. Joined by special guests Shaun Guillroy and "The Wrestling Gawd" Jameyan Smith, Mark and Anthony start off the show Austin Aries going over No Way Jose, but both men came out looking strong. Ember Moon debuted impressively, but find out why a few of the Goons were more impressed with Billie Kaye! Bobby Roode made his GLORIOUS entrance in Brooklyn and took out Andrade "Cien" Almas. We crap on his finisher being a pumphandle slam, but all in all this was great. The consensus match of the night was the tag match. Drama galore as The Revival retains and rips the heart from Jameyan and Mark. Find out why we enjoyed this match so much. Asuka defeats Bayley again and this should be Bayley's farewell to NXT. In the main event, Samoa Joe defended his title against Shinsuke Nakamura, and in what surprised many of us, Nakamura is the new NXT Champ! We cover it all in a little over a half hour. Click it!

WGR's NXT Takeover Brooklyn II Postshow Podcast

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

WGR's WWE Battleground 2016 Postshow Podcast

In this edition of Wrestling Goons Radio, Anthony and Adam are breaking down everything that went down at WWE Battleground! We were surprisingly impressed with The Usos and Breezango. Sasha Banks revealed her mystery partner to be Bayley! The Wyatt Family ended their feud with New Day with yet another victory with Bray Wyatt scaring Xavier Woods into Sister Abigail. Rusev retained his US Title against Zack Ryder in what was hopefully. Sami Zayn got his redemption in dramatic fashion over Kevin Owens. Natalya defeated Becky Lynch in our consensus worst match of the night. (We were worried about Becky here). The Miz and Darren Young ended in a Double DQ. This finish made no sense to anybody. We try to make sense of it to no avail. For the final time together, The Club were defeated by John Cena and Enzo and Cass. Randy Orton made his much awaited return to The Highlight Reel. He took some shots at Brock Lesnar which were awesome. Then Jericho caught an RKO outta nowhere. The night ended with the triple threat match, and Dean Ambrose retains to take the title to Smackdown! All in all. We thought this was a very solid PPV setting up the draft that followed. Let us know what you think as well and enjoy the show. Click it!

WGR's WWE Battleground 2016 Postshow Podcast

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

WGR's Between The Sheets - Brock Wins UFC 200 - July 10, 2016 Podcast

In this episode of Wrestling Goons Radio, the goons are back talking about Brock Lesnar's BIG win at UFC 200 against "The Super Samoan" Mark Hunt. We discuss what this means for his Summerslam match with Randy Orton. TNA has completed their Hardy vs Hardy Final Deletion storyline. Did we like it, hate it, or feel indifferent? The Wyatts have challenged The New Day to come to the compound. It sorta feels like the recent TNA storyline, so we compare and contrast the differences. We discuss the upcoming brand split as well. There's a lot to cover in this half hour. Won't you join us? Just click it!

WGR's Between The Sheets Podcast - July 10, 2016 - Brock Wins UFC 200

Saturday, June 25, 2016

WGRs Between The Sheets Podcast - The Draft Approaches - 6/24/16

In this episode of Wrestling Goons Radio, the goons are covering everything inside the ring and out over the past week and looking forward in the world of WWE and briefly outside of it. Brian Compton hosts this week with Michael Robinson and the returning Dan Tanner. They get into Roman Reigns and the upcoming draft. It appears Roman is bound for RAW with Rollins and Cena is bound for Smackdown with AJ. Find out what they think about that. The guys suggest a triple threat match to split the titles on each brand. Agree or disagree with them? Let us know! Bray Wyatt hyptonized Xavier Woods and the goons are putting this segment over big time. How do you feel about the return of Bray Wyatt? They get off on a tangent that ranges from everything like banning the Banks Statement because it resembles a crossface into Chris Benoit, but its entertaining at least. They discuss whether or not Kurt Angle will return and be inducted into the WWE HOF? Lastly, the goons end the show talking about who could replace Jerry Lawler full time on Smackdown after his arrest. Will it be David Otunga? Let us know your thoughts on that and anything else! Its an hour long episode full of information and entertainment. Click it!

WGRs Between The Sheets Podcast - The Draft Approaches - 6/24/16